Saturday, 30 April 2011

New White crackling polish from Barry M!

The second crakle polish from Barry M I'm going to show you is 316 White Effect. It dries quicker than OPI Black Shatter or Kelier crackle polish so work fast! The colour has good pigmentation and removal was very easy. I've used one coat of ORLY Wild Wisteria as a base colour and no topcoat.


  1. Tak já nevim, pořád jsem těm praskacím lakům nepřišla na chut :-(, takže ani toto mě nanedchlo....

  2. Mne to zezacatku taky moc nechytalo a ani ted to neni moje oblibena manikura,ale da se s tim vyhrat :) Ja mam ty laky spis na swatche, abych je mohla ukazat ctenarkam, protoze treba prave Barry M v USA neni :) Jinak jsem okoukla tvuj blog a za chvili jdu zkouset delat copy podle tvych navodu ;) Moc fajn blog!

  3. Once again, a beautiful crackling ;) is there any way to use these nail polishes without creating lumps while we paint our nails? Mine always get lumpy in the bottle and brush!

  4. Akuma Kanji: i don't seem to have this problem. maybe because I used my crackle polishes once or twice...I've read that you can use a bit of thinner when it gets thicker, maybe it would help with the lumps.


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