Tuesday, 26 April 2011

OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night comparison

Hey guys! Today I've prepared comparison of OPI Last Friday Night with Sinful Colors Hottie. I applied both colours over NYX Ink so you can clearly see the glitter particles and the differences.

Sinful Colors Hottie is almost indentical to Last Friday Night except it has more small silver glitters in addition. You can see the density between the two of them.

index finger: Sinful Colors Hottie
middle finger: KP Last Friday Night
ring finger: Sinful Colors Hottie
pinky: KP Last Friday Night


  1. I actually think I like the sinful colors better!

  2. oh my, Ill go pick this one up later today! good review :D

  3. Schválně jsem prvně koukla na obrázky a pak až na popisky, abych nebyla zaujatá, ale OPI u mě na plné čáře vítězí :)

  4. Do you have these layered over something or did you just use a lot of layers? I can't get Last Friday Night opaque without using a million layers (and I just don't have the patience for that, haha). These polishes look pretty on you. Makes me want to dig Last Friday Night back out and use it :).

  5. Oooh nice, now I got to decide which one to put on the wishlist.

  6. BlushingNoir: It's hard to decide :D I like both..OPI is like night sky and Hottie is like proper glittery polish :)

    Tara: Thank you :) I haven't really write a lot about them cos I think pictures are much better :)

    tahillia: These are layered over NYX Ink, deep blue colour. I don't like them alone because of the reason you said-they are impossible to look opaque! But they are great for layering ;)


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