Monday, 9 May 2011

New Bundle Monster set! + Pictures of individual plates

When I heard about new Bundle Monster plates, I had to have them! I took pictures of all the image plates for you so you can see what you'll get for your money. Sorry for a poor quality of the pictures, it is bloody hard to takem them without any reflection :)

The plates are good quality, they are not sharp as the previous set and additionally they have a paper sticker on the bottom as Konad plates do.  There is a blue protective foil on each of them so don't forget to remove it!

I bought mine at for £16.99


  1. Zrovna z těch svých sundavám fólii :-D Jsou krásné, akorát ty na francii nevyužiju.

  2. I've been wondering whether I should bother getting these as I didn't like the first set of BundleMonster plates too much, mainly because the full-nail images were way too small. But these ones look bigger!
    It's a shame you can't buy the plates individually, though - my favourites are the shoes on BM-213, the butterflies on BM-205 and the little gingerbread man on BM-222!

    Thanks for posting pictures of all the plates :) really helpful! x

  3. Peti, taky se mi moc libi ;) s francii si taky moc nehraju,ale nektere jsou krasne, tak vyzkousim.

    Leanne: The full-size images are in fact tiny little bit bigger than Konad! I had a look at the plates you would like and if you want I can sell you BM-213 and BM-222, just send me an email :)

  4. Což o to, já bych je taky klidně zkusila, jenže já je neumím správně umístit, vždycky to mám strašně křivé, tak jsem to vzdala :-)

  5. Thank you, Lucy! This helped me tremendously! I was trying to decide if it was worth ordering the set because I only use full nail and French tip designs occasionally. I think there are enough designs I would enjoy to warrant a purchase.

  6. Peti, tak s tim mam taky problem, taky jsem to vzdycky mela nakrivo. ale tak dam jim jeste sanci :)

    paintedladyfingers: I'm glad that it helped somebody, especially you, I love your blog and your ideas!

  7. I love those plates.. They are currently on the top of my wishlist ;)

    As for the idea on the nail design, I would love to see something easy enough for someone that does not have too much skills in this area ;) (like me), and impressive on the other hand. Hope this is possible.
    As the theme I would love to see: autumn, horses, abstract and space :)


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