Friday, 3 June 2011

China Glaze Anchors Away 2011- Life Preserves - Swatches and review :)

Hello guys! This is one of the polishes I swatched long time ago but didn't really get to it. So here it is!

Life Preserver - muted creme orange. This is quite unusual orange colour as it is not too bright like most of the other orange polishes. The colour is very nicely pigmented. In one coat it was almost perfect I've applied two. Drying time was better than average and removing was ok as well.

Artificial light


  1. this is not my color, but looks nice on you!

  2. Teď jsem si všimla, že máme na blogu podobné laky :D Tento se mi z celé CG kolekce líbí jako jediný

  3. I love this one!! It's my favourite from this collection, and it looks great on you

  4. lovelyhair: thank you but it's not my colour either. if it wouldn't be in the set I probably wouldn't buy it :)

    sonidlo: fakt? tak to se jdu hned k tobe podivat :D

    Une Ruxi a Paris: thank you very much!


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