Monday, 31 October 2011

OPI Muppets Collection - Meep Meep, swatches and comparison

Hiya :)

Today another polish from a lovely OPI Muppets collection. I don't know how about you but I absoluttely love OPI's holiday collections! Last year's Burlesque Collection was my favourite from a whole year. This year it's Muppets ;) I guess it's the best at last..

Meep Meep Meep - pink and gold glass flecks in a fuchsia jelly-like base. Beautiful, beautiful colour! I like jelly and glass flecks polishes and this one is just yummy! It applied really nicely and formula dries quite fast - just like most of other OPIs. I've used two coats and it was enough for a full coverage. If you'll enlarge the close up images, you'll see that the glass flecks make the nail sufrace a little rough. I'd recommend thick topcoat like Seche Vite to even the surface.

Since I've seen first swatches of Meep Meep Meep I always thought of OPI Let Me Entertain You (swatches here) from last year's Burlesque Collection. They look very similar but there is still some difference.

Let Me Entertain You is packed with fuchsia shimmer and Meep Meep Meep is packed with the glass flecks. The difference is visible from close up but when I had both colours on my nail, they looked almost identical.

Which one do YOU prefer?

*Product has been sent to me for a review by a PR company


  1. I think I like Meep Meep Meep better :) Even if I can hardly tell the difference :)

  2. very pretty, i love glass flecks! they're so close..


  3. I also like Meep meep meep slightly better but sonce I alread own Let me entertain you, I think I don't need both.

  4. I love let me entertain you (I bought my second bottle of it this year as I adore it so much) I also have meep meep meep and I find that the difference in shimmer makes all the difference. I love glass fleck and I love the shimmer too, the glass fleck makes meep meep meep seem almost duo and the shimmer in let me entertain you is out of this world - I just cant decide!

  5. Thanks for the review! I loved Let Me Entertain you but dropped and broke the bottle. NIce to see that this color is so close.

  6. Yeah, they really look identical but the color and shimmer in it is amazing


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