Saturday, 26 November 2011

Cetuem 194 - another nice duochrome in da house!

Hello :)

I got to swatching another Cetuem polish I brought home from Olympia Beauty Exhibition. It is not a colour I would normally wear but the duochrome effect caught my eye.

Cetuem 194 - purple shimmery duochrome changing into olive green shade. The pigmentation was decent, I've used two thicker coats for a full coverage. Polish is streaky so I had to be a little careful with the second coat. Drying time was average and removal was without problem.

Overall it is an interesting polish with a good formula and brush. Not sure if I'd pay £9.95 for it, I'd probably rather buy an OPI. But I got it for £3 so that's a very good deal.


  1. Lucy, posledni dobou mi prijde, ze jsi se strasne zlepsila a blog je cim dal lepsi, fakt super ;-) ! Leo

    P.S. tenhle je fakt super, nemas nahodou srovnani s Nubarem Peacock?

  2. amazing! it looks like a nubar purple beach too =)

  3. Připomíná mi Catrice Iron Mermaiden, ale tenhle vypadá lépe a hlavně poslušněji :-)

  4. What a beautiful colour. Reminds me of Nubar Purple Beach too.

  5. Eh, I'm weak regarding duochromes, lucky me we don't have this brand here, I saw other interesting colours from Cetuem!

  6. Oh wow. Love this lover. The polish is so shiny and pearly.

  7. rock-or-not, Mei Mei, Naliadna, emmajoy, PadgettFarm, Girlie Blogger: thank you girls!

    Markett: dekujuu :)

    Leo: jee, moc dekuju! koupila jsem si novy fotak,tak to pomohlo kvalite fotek,ale jeste se s nim ucim a trosku bojuju :) Nubary bohuzel nemam,takze srovnat nemuzu :(

    Peti, ten Catrice jsem ani nevidela,ale jestli rikas,ze lakovani nic moc,tak me to nechava chladnou :)

  8. Myslim, ze jen fotkama to nebude :-) super vyber barev, lakovani mas taky perfekt, tak nejak celkove si blog zlepsila! :-) Leo


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