Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice collection - Emerald Black review and swatches!

Hi everybody :)

Emerald Black - smoky grey base colour with rich emerald green shimmer. I really really like this polish! Such a deep rich shimmery colour! The formula is good and quite well pigmented. I've used two coats for a full coverage and experienced no streaks. Drying time was average, not really fast drying.

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Enjoy the pictures :)


  1. Shiny, vampy and sleek. Great color.


  2. That's soooooooooo beautiful! I love that kind of colors.

  3. Aww gorgeous.

    Thanks for the pictures =)

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I like this more every time I look at your pictures! x

  5. It is such a pretty color but I was expecting so much more from this one, so I guess I'm disappointed. :(

  6. Girlie Blogger, joanna: yeah, I really like this one too, one of my favoutites!

    Olivia: Thank you :)

    Powdered Almond: ;) glad I could help

    Nailderella: thank you, I like it too!

    GaffoRama: It's a shame but I gues we all like different colours..

  7. It's a great color. a must have for me.

  8. My heart is melting, this one is stunning


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