Tuesday, 20 December 2011

December JolieBox and Boudoir Prive Goodbye box - quick review & photos

Hello :)

It finally arrived! My first Joliebox! I've read that some girls received it on last Friday so I was impatiently expecting it on Saturday but nothing :( It was a looong wait till Monday but it is finally here together with my Boudoir Prive Goodbye box.

Joliebox is a renamed Boudoir Prive and it comes in black sleek box. The box is thinner than Boudoir Prive or GlossyBox's.

Apparently everybody has the same box so my review won't be a surprise :) The box contents are:

  • OPI Gold Shatter - full sized bottle of OPI nail polish is awesome!!! The polish itself costs around £10. I will be trying this one once my nails grow back to the normal length
  • Mitchell and Peach Shower Wash - Shower wash containing natural English honey, Vitamin E and wheat proteins. It smells to me like lavender which I cannot stand so it will either go to my swap box or as a stocking filler :) Full size bottle is 250ml and is sold for £20. The sample size from the box is 50ml which has value of £4.
  • New Cid Cosmetics i-gloss in Baby Doll - Light up lip gloss with mirror for a non-sticky, long-lasting and high-glam shine. well in my opinion it is sticky quite a lot but the light and mirror is pretty cool. The applicatior is brush. This is a full sized lipgloss that retails for £14.40
  • Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust in Rose Gold - A multi-use shimmer powder in shade Rose Gold to apply to cheeks, eyes, lips, body and even hair. I don't know if this is a full sized product (but probably is), it has1.8g. Full size retails for around £10.90
  • Yon-Ka Vital Defense - Anti-aging prevention, antioxidant and anti-pollution cream to help the skin to preserve its youthfulness. Full size product has 50ml and costs around £40. The sample I got in the box has 5ml which is value around £4
Extras in the box:

  • Kushmi Detox Tea - A delicious blend of Mate, Chinese Green tea and lemon grass full flavoured with lemon. This tea smells divine! I love the rich lemon smell! Tastes after lemon as well, very pleasant taste. Full size tea tin has 125g and costs approximately £13. The tin I've got is 20g, value around £2
  • Joliebox Concealer brush - very nice wide synthetic brush for concealer which I will definitely use. I like to have few different brushes for everything. I have no idea of a retail price

And just to show you the contents of the my Goodbye Boudoir Prive Box (last Boudoir Prive box with the best of product selection)


  1. This is an excellent box!!! I will be looking into this service. Hope it's the right price and ships to the US!!!

  2. Ugh...only France. :( I'm in the US.

  3. Girlie Blogger: thank you, it's really great!

    Patricia: the price is I think around £13 but I don't think they ship to US..but there are few beauty boxes in US too and they always have great stuff in it!

  4. Apparently, there are 2different lipgloss shades tho.
    I'm also liking the concelear brush. It's pretty good. :)

  5. That's a very impressive first box from Joliebox - I wonder if they will be able to keep up that quality? If we don't see a Batiste mini-shampoo in the next one I might be tempted by Joliebox! x


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