Monday, 19 December 2011

KIKO 244 - dark purple jelly! Review, swatches and comparison with OPI and China Glaze

Hi girls :)

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It's finally here, my first swatch of KIKO nail polish! You can find post of my haul from KIKO store and pictures of their whole range of polishes HERE.

KIKO 244 - cool-toned dark (blackened?) jelly purple. This polish has very nice formula for a jelly. I haven't experienced any patches, it applied easily and the surface was smooth and shiny. The pigmentation is very good as well, this is two coats. Drying time is little bit longer but I haven't used Seche Vite top Coat or any other drying product. The last picture is a comparison between KIKO, China Glaze Crimson and OPI Honk If You Love OPI.

I've purchased this polish in KIKO Store in Westfield Stratford in London for £4.90 which is more expensive than the rest of the Europe :-/ I found out that in all other countries is the price €3.90 (about £3.34!)

Comparison with China Glaze Crimson and OPI Honk If You Love OPI. As you can see China Glaze is much darker blackened purple jelly. Honk If You Love OPI is very close though, only a shade lighter.


  1. in italy this nail polish is often at 2,50 euro!!!

  2. The other day I too found out that it's actually more expensive buying it here in London. Ah well, it's alot cheaper than many other brands and great quality. :)

    I like this shade but I've never tried a jelly formula before. Sounds intriguing.

  3. When I went to Italy, I got mine for 2,50 euros :P I went to their store at the airport. Shame they cost more here. But they're still awesome quality!

  4. Taky jsem včera řádila v Kiko! A potvrzuju, že jsem za laky platila €3.90, za některé dokonce jen €1.50!

  5. I love dark purple polish and this one is ultra amazing! it's dark but you can still tell that it is purple (unlike crimson)

  6. WOW!! It's so shiny! I love it!!!

    OH! I nominated you for award!

  7. Oohh so perfect color !! i love it . i am following you now i wish follow me :) kisses :)

  8. DUH, of course they cost more outside Italy, KIKO is an Italian brand! :)

  9. Great review by the way, I think I'm gonna get it too!


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