Monday, 26 December 2011

KIKO 255 - Purple Holographic awesomeness in the bottle! Review and swatches

Hi girls!

This is my second KIKO polish - number 255! There were two holo polishes in store but I picked up only one (I'm soooo stupid :D) The other one is warm holo purple, similar to OPI DS Extravagance.

KIKO 255 - cool-toned holographic deep purple. The formula of this polish is very nice - it applied easily and dried reasonably fast on me. However when it dried it left a bit gritty finish so I had to use a topcoat. The first two pictures are in the direct sunlight and you can see the awesome holo particles. Of course it looks MUCH better in real life! Removal was ok, the holo particles didn't cause me much trouble :)

Comparison of KIKO 255 with OPI DS Extravagance. KIKO is much closer to Color Club Wild Heart (don't own) and to A England Lady Of The Lake. Looking at the following photo now I should've do comparison with lady Of The Lake...well never mind :D


  1. wow that is super gorgeous .... another one for the wishlist :)

  2. do you have seen the purple of the collection light impulse?IT'S AWESOME! I'll post it in my blog soon... it's really awesome!You have perfect nails!Have a nice day

  3. Na nehtech vypadá nádherně, těším se až vyzkouším svůj!


  4. As soon as I saw your pics I had to go check if it was in my stash and it's not there!! How could I miss this polish? I'll have to go grab it next time I happen at Kiko store!


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