Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Layering experiment: Dr.'s Remedy ESSENTIAL Emerald with Golden Rose 06

Hello my lovelies :)

Another layering experiment here at Lucy's Stash today :) Are you tired of them or do you want more?

I have here Golden Rose Scale Effect 06 (light blue/green flakies) layered over Dr.'s Remedy ESSENTIAL Emerald. Another mermaid-y colour? Golden Rose flakies are very good substitute for Nfu Oh's but they won't give you that jelly with shimmer base...but you can layer it over a jelly polish or shimmery polish and it will look great.

How freakin' beautiful is this???


  1. I love this! It's so mermaidy!

  2. Lovely! Looks like the ocean.

  3. Gorgeous! It totally looks like mermaid scales!

  4. There can never be too much layering, I will never get tired of them.

  5. amazing colour! i'm definetly gonna have to get my hands on this one!

  6. I think experimenting with layering (and dark, vampy red shades ;)are your signature and makes your blog so different and gorgeous to watch
    Keep going with the stuff you like and we will love it :)

  7. This is really dreamy. And I have this golden rose. Now hunting for a similar color to layer it over. *Dives into Helmer*


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