Saturday, 10 December 2011

MAC Dazzlesphere! Petite Nail Lacquer Ornament skittles swatches

Hi girls,

this is just a quick post. I went to a MAC and since I didn't have any nail polish on I've decided to quickly swatch Petite Nail Lacquer Ornament set from Holiday 2011 collection.

Set includes 4 shades: Mistletoe, Style Tip, Dark Angel and Much Adored

I have two coats in the picture and you can see that all polishes are pigmented enough except Dark Angel. Dark Angel was little bit like jelly and the pigmentation was quite poor. Mistletoe reminds me Chanel Peridot and Models own Golden Green.

The hot red Asiatique shade is from a different set - Iced Delights Nail & Lip Bag - Rocking and it is just one coat! Unfortunately it is not sold separately, only in set with lipstick and lipglass for £29.50

Did you get something from this year's holiday collection? I didn't as nothing really grabbed my attention (didn't need anything or already had the colours).


  1. I saw this set just yesterday. I didn't pick it because of the neutrals, and also, it's quite pricey. But they look great!! You might make me have second thoughts ;0)

  2. Oh I had been considering this as a gift! But the colours are a little meh. I like style tip, though. Do you really manage to apply polish that neat in store???! x

  3. MariJo: the Much Adored colour could be very good for layering and the Style Tip is really nice neutral office colour :) But I agree with you, they are quite pricey, I wouldn't buy them..

    Powdered Almond: Yeah, I tried my best to apply them neatly as I had to take pictures immediately after application. I thought they wouldn't last in good condition till next shop but they did dry amazingly fast!

  4. ooh i love Style Tip and Dark Angel. They both look gorgie. I'd be willing to work with a patchy formula for that Dark Angel color!

  5. oh thanks for the swatches! Much Adored is interesting!
    no, this year I din't get anything from MAC holiday collection...

  6. Oooh style tip looks perfect!

  7. style tip & much adored are my favourites!! but also the others looks great !!!!


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