Monday, 23 January 2012

Really weird creation with gold foil :)

I'm not really sure why I'm even showing you this manicure because it didn't go as I planned but somebody might get inspired :)

The base colour is basically two coats of dark red jelly Victoria by Nails Inc. Then there is one coat of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Fuchsia. Over all this I applied foil glue and started to add gold foil. I haven't used top coat for these pictures.

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  1. This made me very inspired! Thanks for sharing the pictures even though it didn't turn out as planned. I love it!

  2. Super combo !! i love gold and red gradient :))

    i wait u my blog !

  3. That actually looks so cool. Reminds me of gold leaf crafts and interior design -- staircase banisters and door moulding in fancy houses. :)

  4. I think this is a gorgeous manicure! To me it looks very oriental :)Love it!

  5. Oh, this is foil? I thought you stamped this.
    Well, it's so cool when you are trying new stuff and I always want to do the same thing (now I want some foil)

  6. Thank you girls but I still don't like this mani :D :D

    @MissDoll: thank you, I like to try new things and foil is easy! Yesterday I've tried one stroke nail art and it was quite disaster so no pics from that :D not everything is easy :D my other foil mani is here:

  7. Preciosa manicura. Muy elegante.

  8. wow, great manicure, love it :-D

  9. Wow! Really beautiful!


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