Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Barielle Shannon’s Attitude over Illamasqua Stance - layering & matte version

Hello lovelies!

Hope you like my new header; I must say I really like it! If you have anything to say regarding the new header, please leave a comment below this post :) Ok, let's get back to today's colour which is Shannon’s Attitude by Barielle! Shannon's Attitude is one of the new 90 shades introduced recently and is available at but not yet in UK.

Shannon’s Attitude - sheer purple jelly with string holo glitter. The jelly also have tiny holo glitter particles in it as well as the bigger string glitter. The jelly by itself is very sheer, you would need like four coats for a decent opacity and that is why I layered one coat of Shannon’s Attitude over Illamasqua Stance. It is much better layered over another polish rather than by itself. It applied very nicely, the glitter didn't stick out of the nail so that's another plus. If it wouldn't be so sheer, it would be a really great jelly & glitter polish.

Shannon’s Attitude over Illamasqua Stance with one coat of Essie Matte About You.

*This polish was provided to me for a review


  1. I LOVE (!!) the matte version!!

    1. I really liked it too, must do some more mattes :) x

  2. Cooool! Looks like a carneval!!! Xoxo V.V.

  3. Uber pretty! xo Be sure to stop by, I follow everyone who follows me!

  4. This is gorgeous and looks really nice matte :) Also I wish I could keep my nails looking as immaculate as yours :) xx

  5. I love it with the matte topcoat! It really adds something to it :)

    Frances x

  6. I like both much but the matte version has something special about it... and as I usually don't like mattes, this one really appeals to me :)

  7. gorgeous glitter! and I love the new header too

  8. I like it over this bright purple, and it looks very interesting matte! The new header is great, too. I confess I don't like the "click more" layout for posts--I always want to see everything.

  9. those are pretty nails. did you use Dr. G?

  10. That's a great one to layer over Stance - I really am gaga over Stance - it's totally different from any of my magentas. Closest I can come to it is OPI I Ate Berries In the Canaries.

  11. This is really pretty, it reminds me of confetti :)

  12. Most of the times I HATE bar glitter (it looks like hair). But for the first time ever I'm going to say I really like this bar glitter. It's the perfect size and mattified it looks like confetti frozen in a photo or something.


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