Sunday, 13 November 2011

Models Own Emerald Black and CND Teal Sparkle layering

Hi everybody :)

I did some layering with Models Own Emerald Black from the new Beetlejuice Collection and CND Teal Sparkle from the Night Factory Duo and the result is amazing! It's like a mermaid manicure.. I've used two coats of Emerald Black and one layer of Teal Sparkle.

Enjoy the pictures


  1. Wow, this is one gorgeous combination!
    I love it! <3

  2. To je nádhera! a vůbec i samotnej ten emerald black se mi moc líbí!

  3. Kvacka: Thank you:) I can't help it and love it too!

    Dasi, dekuju moc!

    Girlie Blogger: Thank you x

  4. Dechberoucí! CND efekty jsou prostě dokonalé!

  5. I really like this combination ;)

    I started to write post in English so if u want visit me :) The last review: Polish from Artdeco - Dress Up Your nails! number 251 :)

  6. Wow what an amazing combination!

  7. Stunning combination. Love it!

  8. this is soooooooo perfect. oh my goodness. i love it.

  9. wow, this is a beautiful combination, i'm in love with it! thanks for sharing!


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